PM-525SH ECO Swing Arm Cutting Machine(25 tons)
ECO Swing Arm Cutting Machine (25 tons)

Equips with MINZ Energy System,consumes no energy when not cutting.Temperature of hydraluic fluid and motor is reduced 30℅,and uses 70℅less electricity comparing to traditional cutting machine.Configure cutting distance within 5 seconds with precision up to 0.5mm.Swinging requires less than 1kg strength,less fatigue to operate.Optional add-on Barcode Scan System to instantly set up each Cutting Die's required cutting distance,Remote Manage System to centralize production data.

Model PM-525SP
Cutting Force 25tons
Average KW 0.1 kw/hr.
Cutting Area 500 x 380mm
Stroke 5 ~ 100mm
N. W. 1100 kg
G. W. We will supply the information before delivery
Dimension 1000 x 995 x 1365 mm
Packing Size We will supply the information before delivery
Hydraulic Oil 40L

We reserve the rights to change the specs and dimension above without further notification.