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MINZ Inc. is a leading pioneer in production saving. Every year MINZ assists factories all over the world save more than 10 million kwh, which is equivalent to planting 620,000 grown up trees worldwide. To reduce enterprises’ electricity consumption and wasted material generation, and to achieve an synergic balance between human needs and environment are MINZ’s founding points. MINZ believes saving energy and reducing CO² must be done all over the world; therefore, MINZ’s clients spread over more than 20 countries around the world.

Products and Services

Global material price, electricity price, and labour salary constantly rise in this era, which is a heavy production cost burden to factories producing consuming products.

MINZ and its partners have developed a series of production saving products and services, such as our cutting energy saving system, ECO plane cutting machine, traveling head cutting machine, swing arm cutting machine and other energy saving machines:
MINZ Save Energy Systems inc can dramatically reduce production machinery’s electricity consumption. MINZ Remote System can gather and generate Big Data from client’s production line for internal management. Automation solution can reduce production WIP and labours.

Finally, through MINZ’s global partners, a total solution of production saving and supports can be provided.

Management Team

The executive team at MINZ is an assembly of professionals in Project Management, Hydraulic, Electric, Shoe Making, Automation and Chemical fields, together with the collaboration with industry leading manufacturing partners in hydraulic and electric components, to deliver production saving products, services, and consultation. It is MINZ’s heritage and philosophy to strive for the highest level of professionalism in production savings field, and constantly search for more professionals to join MINZ’s partnership.

Quality and ISO Certification


July 2013 CSR Environmental Protection & Green R&D Award
Apr 2013 Global Chinese Business of the Year Award
Apr 2013 Patent Know-How Gold Innovation Award
Dec 2012 XueXue Green Awakening Award
July 2012 Environment Protection and Green R&D Award
July 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility Award
Dec 2011 MINZ Award
Dec 2010 Top 100 MVP Managers Award
  • 2010 December
    Managing Director Mr. Mike Chang acquired Taiwan Top 100 MVP Managers Award
  • 2011 December
    MINZ Energy System acquired utility patents in several countries in the world.
  • 2012 July
    Corporate Social Responsibility Award
  • 2012 July
    Environment Protection and Green R&D Award
  • 2012 December
    XueXue Green Awakening Award
  • 2013 April
    Global Chinese Corporation of the Year Award.
  • 2013 April
    Patent Know-How Gold Innovation Award.
  • 2013 July
    CSR Environmental Protection & Green R&D Award

Agentship & Authorization

MINZ Product Agentship

Energy saving and CO² reduction have to be conducted globally. If you agree with our ideology, MINZ welcomes foreign agents to become our partner and help factories all over the world saving energy and lower production cost. We sincerely look forward to building a long lasting and royal relationship with you.

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