PM-740SA Latch Type CutBot
Latch Type CutBot

SA is the entry model of CutBot, suitable for cutting production that doesn't change styles and sizes frequently.

Model PM-740SA
Cutting Power 40 tons
Power Consumption 1.5  KW
Cutting Dimension 400 x 1510 mm2
Cutting Stroke 5~150 mm
Auto Turret X
Auto Nesting X
E-Magnetic Head X
Hydraulic Fluid 100 liters
Compressed Air >5 kg/cm2,50 L/min
Net Weight 2500 kgs
Machine Dimension 2800(W) x 2380(H) x 2500(L) mm
Packing & Gross Weight Provided before Delivery

We reserve the rights to change the specs and dimension above without further notification.