The energy saving industry now keeps spring up in Taiwan, and in order to earn more profit, how to choose an energy saving company which is not only professional but also experienced become the most important linchpin for every factory. If your factory is troubled by the equipment’s serve energy consumption, MINZ would be the wisest choice. MINZ developed a variety of energy saving product: MINZ energy saving system, MINZ far end system, MINZ ECO shoe machine etc., besides, MINZ also has many professional energy saving engineers to provide factory sundry energy saving methods. MINZ not only help company to increase their profit, but also do the best effort to protect our environment.

Energy Audit Report
Energy Audit Report

Eco Factory Establishment Service

Energy efficiency assessment and management is a crucial component to any sustainability program, as energy use tends to account for a major part of corporate carbon emissions. Assessing corporate energy use and improving efficiency is the key to cutting costs while reducing carbon.

3rd Party Energy Audit Report is accounted for a hefty portion of Suppliers’ eco performance towards Brands. MINZ’s engineering team is experienced in facility energy assessment, especially in footwear sector. We offer in-depth assessment and measurement of energy systems performance in terms of hardware and operations efficiency, as well as actionable energy & carbon reduction measures with ROI analysis.

Energy distribution by data logging – shoe factory case

Energy distribution – outsole factory case

Multiple categories of energy saving assessment