MINZ divided our shoe manufacturing machines into three parts, one is shoes cutting machine including plane type cutting machine, traveling head type cutting machine, swing arm cutting machine, another is cutting machine energy saving system, and the other is automation development equipment. Their average energy saving is 70~90% comparing to traditional power system. When the shoe maker machine is not cutting, it generates zero noise, and the temperature of hydraulic fluid and motor are reduced half.

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  • CutBot Auto Cutting Machines

    CutBot is designed for smart production with auto nesting, auto cutting, and auto material feeding. It's equipped with remote task dispatching and IoT functions.

    Oscillating CutBot uses MINZ designed and made-in-Taiwan oscillating head. Converts 3D design to 2D patterns and straight into CutBot nesting program to remotely dispatch task sheets to development room or mass production floor CutBot. It’s the best choice for round type production.

    Stroke Cutting CutBot is equipped with MINZ Auto Distance Cutting System, reduce consumption of cutting dies and boards. Patented turret stores 22 cutting dies. Electro Magnetic Head picks up and returns cutting dies automatically.

    No need additional jigs, setup and production-ready in 1 minute.

    Auto nesting, big and small dies inserting, standardize cutting quality and high material yield rate.

    1 CutBot has productivity to replace 5 traditional manual cutting machines and labors, it’s the best choice for batch type production.