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Production Saving Product & Service

Global material price, electricity price, and labour salary constantly rise in this era, which is a heavy production cost burden to factories producing consuming products.

For energy services providers, MINZ has developed energy production energy efficiency service and energy saving services, which assist you lower your production cost and increase competitiveness.


Business News

Out of the Shell
MINZ is honored to be awarded with 2020 Innovative Enterprise Award by Small and Medium
Enterprise Admin, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan.

Press Report

MINZ has been selected as top smart factory solution providers in APAC.
Smart factories setup is speeding up as the COVID pandemic is restricting experts, buyers, and owners from traveling to factories abroad. That’s why factories are now investing in automation and digitalization equipment and tools. But there lies a peculiar challenge. A smart factory has a higher space utilization rate, which leads to less space being provided for the machines. For example, in the shoe industry, PPM (pairs per m²) is emphasized along with PPH (pairs per person) for factory performance measures.

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