The energy saving industry now keeps spring up in Taiwan, and in order to earn more profit, how to choose an energy saving company which is not only professional but also experienced become the most important linchpin for every factory. If your factory is troubled by the equipment’s serve energy consumption, MINZ would be the wisest choice. MINZ developed a variety of energy saving product: MINZ energy saving system, MINZ far end system, MINZ ECO shoe machine etc., besides, MINZ also has many professional energy saving engineers to provide factory sundry energy saving methods. MINZ not only help company to increase their profit, but also do the best effort to protect our environment.

Energy Savings Systems
Energy Savings Systems

Energy Savings Systems

MINZ Energy System integrates High Efficiency Energy Saving Servo Motor made by special wire wrapping technology and isolation level, with top quality Internal Gear Pump, and European servo controllers. All production undergoes motion balance and calibration.

Quality Assurance

All MINZ Energy Systems are made, assembled, and QC in Taiwan to ensure best quality. We conduct 100% inspection on all spare parts and make sure each system meets your machine‘s required pressure curve before delivery, following ISO 9001 standards.

Additional Benefits

Besides electricity saving after installing MINZ Energy System, your machine’s motor and hydraulic fluid temperature are decreased to room temperature, greatly improved your working environment. Chiller can also be turned off to save additional electricity consumption. Hydraulic fluid’s lifetime is doubled as well.

Furthermore, servo system’s precise injection can help reducing production defects and generation of material wastage.

Fast ROI

Take EVA Injection Machine with MINZ Energy System installed for example, averagely 23 kwh is saved each hour, which is equivalent to US$ 22,000 electricity savings per year. Not only does this help you lowering down production cost, but also lowers CO² generated for kwh, giving our next generation a better environment.

Energy Savings Systems recording data

*Red indicates the original power system, blue indicates MINZ Energy System

The status of global power consuming

motor, consuming lots of electricity

Motor level

promotion Situation of efficient motor in the world

Minz servo motor has reached highest efficiency IE4 level

Evolution of cutting servo systems

MINZ Honor

MINZ engineering team has travelled to 20 countries around the globe to save energy for industrial machinery. In 2012, we helped the world save more than 1.7 million kwh, and was awarded The Best CSR and Green R&D Awards by Taiwanese Vice President Mr. Wu.

MINZ Honor
MINZ Honor

We cannot influence the raising speed of global material price, but we can assist you in lowering your production’s energy consumption and wasted material. 1 kwh of electricity generates 0.636 kg of CO²; however, a tree can only absorb 456 kg of CO² a year. Take Dah-An Park - Taiwan's largest park for example, it contains 20,745 trees. So far, MINZ’s clients have assisted the world planting grown-up trees equivalent to 16 Dah-Ah Parks. Our goal is to build 200 more Dah-An Park in the next decade with you!!

CO² deduction is every country’s responsibility. Let’s act now!