PM-920CS Single Head Conveyor Oscillating
Single Head Conveyor Oscillating

Equips with made-in-Taiwan Oscillating Cutting Head, die-less cutting is suitable for multi-shapes carbon fiber automatic cutting production.
Auto-nesting maximizes material usage rate.By using E-Task Management System, manager can dispatch cutting tasks to multiple machines of produciton line and unify productivity remotely.
Combining with torque-controlled air-shaft material-feeder, material can be fed and cut with the same material tension for superb cutting quality.

Model PM-920CS
Cutting Speed 1200mm/s
Cutting Thickness 0.5 ~ 30mm
Cutting Area 800 x 2000mm
Qty of Head 1
Material Holding Vacuum
Dimension  3350L 1550W x 1300H mm
Weight 1200kg
Energy Consumption 5.5kw
Model PM-103LD
Qty of Rolls 4
Rolls Holding Air Shaft
Torque Control Manual & Automatic Dimension 1460L x 1320W x 1440H
Weight 700kg

Combine with PM-106LD Torque-controlled Material-feeder