PM-925TD Double Head Static Oscillating
Double Head Static Oscillating

Equips with made-in-Taiwan Oscillating Cutting Head, die-less cutting, two cutting heads cut unsynchronized on the same material at the same time to increase productivity.
Can also cut two different material at the same time; main and sub articles finished at the same time for fast pairing.
Additional add-ons: optical pen to identify leather defects, matching pattern lines cutting, hole punches, neddle punches, marking pen.

Model PM-925TD
Cutting Speed 1200mm/s
Cutting Thickness 0.5 ~ 30mm
Cutting Area 1600 x 2500mm
No. of Head 2
Material Holding Vacuum
Dimension  3540L x 2500W x 1270H mm
Weight 1400kg
Energy Consumption 10.5kw