PM-325SP Eco Auto Distance Plane (Beam) Cutting Machine(25tons)
PM-325SP Eco Auto Distance Plane (Beam) Cutting Machine (25tons)

Equips with MINZ Servo System, consumes no energy when not cutting.

Temperature of hydraluic fluid and motor is reduced 30%, and uses 70% less electricity comparing to traditional cutting machine.

No need to configure cutting distance with each cut up to 0.1 ton precision.

Patented Auto Pressure Commputing Techology voids distacnce factor, cutting quality is no longer affected by cutting board’s leveling. Cutting dies and board’s usage cycles are maximized.

Model PM-325SP
Cutting Force 25tons
Average KW 0.1
Cutting Area 500 x 1620mm
Stroke 5 ~ 100mm
N. W. 1432 kgs
G. W. We will supply the information before delivery
Dimension 1910 x 630 x h. 1610 mm
Packing Size 1970 x 790 x h. 1870 mm
Hydraulic Oil 55 liters

We reserve the rights to change the specs and dimension above without further notification.