PM-HSS-756 Traveling Head Cutting Machine Energy System
Traveling Head Cutting Servo Energy Saving System

Suitable for any brand of Plane Cutting Machines, each system is tailored-made according to hydraulic designs of different brands.

Machine consumes almost no electricity when it's idling. Through MINZ's specially designed utility servo motor, European designed IGP and controller, average energy saving is 70~90%.(Patent applied)

When the machine is not cutting, it generates zero noise, and the temperature of hydraulic fluid and motor are reduced half. Providing operator a more comfortable working environment.

Model PM-HSS-756
Cutting Force 20-25 (ton)
N. W. 70 (kg)
Packing Dimension (LxWxH) 59 x 47 x 41 (cm)

We reserve the rights to change the specs and dimension above without further notification.